The Writer’s Brainstorming Kit: Thinking in New Directions (hardcover)

The Writer’s Brainstorming Kit: Thinking in New Directions (hardcover)
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Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher: Gryphon Books for Writers
Length: Non-Fiction Book & Cards
ASIN: 0965437140
ISBN: 9780965437141
A recurring refrain in the writing business is that editors want fresh material something different they have not seen before. That's what The Writer's Brainstorming Kit is all about giving you the tools to jump the ruts and take flight in new, unexpected directions.
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Use the 50 cards and concepts in this book to:

Break out of your conventional mode of linear thinking
Create conflict in your story
Find new and unexpected plot twists
Discover character motivation
Trigger new associations in your mind
Design a story from scratch
Add depth to your characters
Build your plot
Define character goals
Break through a block
Determine character traits

The Writer’s Brainstorming Kit will join your dictionary and your thesaurus as a must-have tool for the writing trade.  After the first time, you’ll wonder how you ever wrote without it!”

— Laura Hayden (aka Laura Kenner), romance novelist

The Writer’s Brainstorming Kit seemed like a truly dumb idea, until I started using it.  Now I wouldn’t be without it.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Every writer I’ve shared it with wants to steal mine, but I tell them they have to buy their own.  So should you.  It is marvelous.”

— Carolyn McSparren, award-winning romance author

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